May 30,2013

Well the Texas Legislature has officially adjourned Sine Die, bringing to an end the 83rd Legislative Session. Governor Perry has, however, brought us back for a Special Session for redistricting to adopt the final maps for the Legislature and Congress. … Continue reading

May 27,2013

The final versions HB 1025 and SB 1 were considered today on the House Floor to put in place a final budget for the biennium. I unfortunately had to vote no on both of these bills because by the time … Continue reading

May 08,2013

Hard to believe we are already in the month of May, we are truly closing in on the end of Session. In the past week, I passed my first three bills out of the House and got a number of … Continue reading

May 06,2013

AUSTIN, TX. — Today, Representative Drew Springer’s HB 698 passed the Texas House of Representatives on Third Reading, marking the second bill the West Texas Representative has passed in the last week. HB 698 makes it easier for citizens in … Continue reading

April 30,2013

AUSTIN, TX. — Today, Attorney General Greg Abbott ruled that “the Texas Constitution prohibits political subdivisions from creating a legal status of domestic partnership and recognizing that status by offering public benefits based upon it.” In 2005, Texas passed the … Continue reading

April 23,2013

With a little over a month left of Session, bills are moving in and out of committees rapidly and coming to the floor for a vote. Last week, I presented a number of my bills before committees that would reduce … Continue reading

April 12,2013

Between debating the House Budget, attending committee hearings, and laying out my bills, the beginning of April has flown by very quickly. Last week, the House passed SB 1, which moves the state budget onto conference committee where both the … Continue reading

March 29,2013

AUSTIN, TX. — This week, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 4, the water bill, and HB 5, the education reform bill. HB 4 sets the State Water Implementation Fund of Texas (SWIFT), which is the mechanism that will … Continue reading

March 27,2013

We are midway through the 12th week of Session, and have begun to debate substantial legislation that will have large impacts on our state. Today we will debate HB 4 on the House Floor. HB 4 sets the State Water … Continue reading

March 26,2013

Several weeks back I authored HB 1568 to stop school districts from offering healthcare benefits to domestic partners. At the time, only Pflugerville ISD was participating in such a program, but it was rumored that several schools around the state … Continue reading

Drew Springer for State Representative

Drew Springer is a conservative Republican running for State Representative in Texas' 68th District. Drew and his family live in Muenster, TX, where he serves the community at his church and as a volunteer fireman.
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