JOBS AND THE ECONOMY – Texas business has done better than other states but Texans require an even better economy where everyone that wants a job can get one. We have too much government in our lives, and I will work to remove the over bearing regulations that stifle growth and prevents companies from growing and hiring. I will fight to see that Texas businesses have the freedom to grow and prosper.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION – I will work to stop all handouts and benefits to illegal immigrants, secure the borders, and end in-state tuition to non-citizens. Texans hard earned dollars that are paid to the state must be used to take care of its citizens. Every dollar spent on benefits for illegals takes a dollar away from Texas kids’ class-rooms.

PUBLIC EDUCATION – Texas students and parents’ needs choice in curriculum. Forcing all students into college prep classes has failed many of our kids and has created a lack of skilled workers that can make good money in Texas. Texas needs vocational education and life skills in high school.

Currently, the amount spent on administration nearly equals the amount spent in the classroom. I will work to see that the bulk of money spent is where it should be, in the classroom.

REDUCING PROPERTY TAXES – Property taxes have become burdensome and unfair for all Texans. It is wrong that anyone, especially retirees, have to rent their house from the government. We need to reduce or eliminate property taxes and look for alternative forms of revenue or taxation like the consumption tax to fund government.

10TH AMENDMENT – I will work to keep ObamaCare out of Texas. We have, for too long, allowed the Federal government to sidestep and ignore the Constitution. I will fight for Texas states’ rights.

2ND AMENDMENT – I have a top rating from the NRA and TSRA because I am committed to protecting our right to bear arms.

RIGHT TO LIFE – As a participant in Pro-Life annual “Life Chain” events I am committed to the protection of life.

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