Life Comes First
July 09, 2013

I was proud to cast my vote in support of Senate Bill 5 at around 4:30AM after hours of debate on the House Floor. While tensions were high, the bill passed the House Chamber with 99 Representatives supporting, including 5 Democrats.

What I saw in the Gallery when SB 5 went back to the Senate for final consideration was not only a disrespect for the legislative process but a complete and total disregard for human life. A mob of unruly abortion supporters successfully thwarted the will of the people of Texas through disorderly conduct. Thankfully, Texas has a governor with zero tolerance for this kind of behavior, and we were called back immediately for a second Special Session.


This legislation should not be controversial. The four measures in SB 5 (now HB 2) would prohibit abortions after 5 months, improve safety standards at abortion clinics, require doctors to providing abortions to have admitting privileges within 30 miles and require doctors to administer abortion inducing drugs on site.

Contrary to the talking points provided by Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party, none of these things are unreasonable or threaten to put clinics out of business; they simply require these facilities to raise their standard of care to the same as it is for those who would remove your tonsils.

Planned Parenthood wants this legislation to fail, not to ensure adequate healthcare for Texas Women, but to protect their bottom line. Despite bringing in over a billion dollars in revenue last year (much of that from government grants), they do not want to spend money upgrading their facilities to ensure women are afforded the best level of care possible.

After what happened with Dr. Gosnell in Philadelphia and more recently in Houston, TX, in which abortion clinics operated like butcher shops, murdering babies post-birth, it is completely reasonable to take a look at these facilities and ask them to improve their standard of care. 

Our dedication to protecting the most vulnerable in our society is what sets America apart from the rest of the world. At 5 months, there is significant scientific research that shows unborn children can feel pain, Texas has a right and a responsibility to lead the nation on this issue and end this heinous practice.

It is out of love for Texas women that I support the various aspects of this bill. Abortion can have traumatic effects on a woman psychologically, and as such our state has a compelling interest to curb back the practice and encourage alternatives. Additionally, women that do choose to have an abortion should receive the same level of care they would receive from any other medical procedure. This bill achieves both. 

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