PRESS RELEASE: Texas House Passes Water & Education Bills
March 29, 2013

AUSTIN, TX. — This week, the Texas House of Representatives passed HB 4, the water bill, and HB 5, the education reform bill.

HB 4 sets the State Water Implementation Fund of Texas (SWIFT), which is the mechanism that will lay out the water plan for the next 50 years. Soon, the legislature will debate HB 11 to fund SWIFT with a one-time expenditure of $2 Billion out of the ‘Rainy Day Fund’.

“Water is an issue we must address now to prevent greater problems down the road,” said Springer. “We can either pay now to mitigate long term droughts and address our increasing population, or pay even more later and harm our economy at the same time.”

Another significant piece of legislation that passed this week was HB 5, the education reform bill. HB 5 greatly scales back standardized testing and the one size-fits-all mentality in education. The bill contains several measures that increase vocational education as well, something Rep. Springer is passionate about.

“This legislation is a great step in the right direction for education in our state,” said Springer. “Every student is different and I am glad to see that we are starting to focus less on testing and more on providing career opportunities for the children of the State of Texas.”

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