Thank You.
June 28, 2013

I could not have had a successful first Session without the constituents of House District 68. Your input, suggestions and encouragement have helped me represent you with common sense conservatism and rural interests in mind. Thank you.

We had many successes this last Session: we passed the State Water Plan, we strengthened the Second Amendment, we passed over $1 billion in tax-relief for small business, we scaled back standardized testing, we improved vocational education and much more. You can read about that here: Session Wrap Up.

By the end of Session, however, we had not addressed Pro-Life issues or transportation, so the Governor brought us back for a Special Session for the month of June. In the House, we were able to pass both of these crucial bills, debating the measures at one point past 3:00 AM.

As many of you have heard, the Special Session came to an unfortunate conclusion this Tuesday when a filibuster in the Senate stalled debate on Pro-Life legislation, killing the bill along with the transportation bill. Yesterday, Governor Perry called us right back and we begin our second Special Session this Monday on both of these issues. I look forward to going back to Austin to fight for unborn life and funding for rural roads.

Our first fundraising deadline after the Session is quickly approaching. To have a strong show of support contributions must be in by June 30th. If you like what I have done down in Austin, could you please help me out with a $5, $10, $20 or even $100 donation towards my re-election? Every donation is truly appreciated.

Once again thank you for all of your support this Session. After the Special Session has wrapped up, I intend to hold town hall forums and office hours across the district to meet with constituents about their ideas and concerns. Until then, please continue to contact us by email and phone. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and ‘FOLLOW’ us on Twitter to receive realtime updates on everything happening in House District 68.

As we continue into the Special Session and interim, I wanted to make sure you had the contact information for both my office in the district and in Austin:

District Office:                                             Capitol Office

Contact: Jennifer Vogel                                Contact: Travis McCormick

(940) 665-8400                                            (512) 463-0526

110 W. Main St.                                            PO Box 2910

Gainesville, TX 76240                                  Austin, TX 78768

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