Weekly Session Update 11 — Standing up for Marriage and Retired Teachers
April 12, 2013

Between debating the House Budget, attending committee hearings, and laying out my bills, the beginning of April has flown by very quickly.

Last week, the House passed SB 1, which moves the state budget onto conference committee where both the House and Senate will settle their differences and land upon a final budget. As a state we must live within our means and pass a budget that is fiscally sound while still providing for our pressing obligations such as education and water.

On the House Budget, I offered a couple of amendments that would have taken funds from unnecessary programs and helped TRS-CARE maintain solvency. While TRS was pleased to see myself and others looking for ways to help the program, we were told they did not wish for our help amending the budget. You can read more on that here.

This week I laid HB 1568 before the House Education Committee. This is my bill that would prevent school districts from providing benefits to domestic partners on the backs of tax-payers. The morning of the hearing I had the pleasure of joining the Mark Davis Show to discuss the bill, you can listen to that here. Our education dollars are meant for our kids, not for stepping around the the constitution to redefine marriage.

The House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security passed out HB 698, which means we are one step closer to passing this bill out of the Texas Legislature. Hopefully in the next couple weeks, we will get this important rural, Second Amendment bill out of the House.

On Tuesday I was proud to honor the life of Louis Pitcock Jr. with a Memorial Resolution on the House Floor. Mr. Pitcock was a man that was highly involved in the Young County Community his entire life and will surely be missed. You can view the resolution here.

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