Weekly Session Update 4 — Committee Assignments
February 04, 2013

Last week was an exciting week at the Texas Capitol. I received my committee assignments, met with several constituents from the district and I was honored to visit with our troops out at Ft. Hood.

I am excited to announce that I was placed on both the Agriculture & Livestock Committee and Land & Resource Management Committee for the 83rd Session. 


Agriculture and Livestock are a huge part of the economy and culture of District 68. From day one, I lobbied hard for a position on this committee, and I am thrilled the speaker gave me one of just seven spots. The committee is of increased importance this Session, because it now includes rural economic development issues.

I also have the honor of being placed on the Land & Resource Management Committee, which has jurisdiction over the management of public lands and governmental regulation of land use. Issues referred to this committee in the past include eminent domain, land development, and the sale of state lands. A seat on this committee will allow me to provide strong representation for property owners in our district and across the state.

Tuesday was Texas Counties Day at the Capitol and I was pleased to meet with Judge Lee Norman (Garza Co.), Commissioner Gary Hollowell (Cooke Co.) and Commissioner Leon Klement (Cooke Co.) about issues counties are facing in our great state.

I was also pleased to meet with two groups of C.A.S.A. volunteers from the district on Wednesday and learn about how the state can help some of our most vulnerable children. I appreciate the service these C.A.S.A. volunteers provide and look forward to helping them in any way that I can.


I ended the week by touring Ft. Hood and meeting with soldiers about military issues. I cannot thank them enough for their service to our country, they are all truly heroes that don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

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